Of Strongmen and Weak Government

A coworker just returned from an extended visit to her family in Caracas, Venezuela. She confirms some of what you read in the press, like the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. As a result of el Presidente seeking to identify voters with fingerprints, and hence being able to threaten those who vote against him, over 75% of the voting public refrained from participating in recent elections there. The Beloved el Presidente himself is up for re-election a year from now. Care to guess what the result will be? Life in Venezuela (the second or third largest exporter of petroleum to the US) is getting worse. The only real recourse for normal citizens is to refrain from buying gas at CITGO stations (the Venezuelan state oil and gasoline distributor). And of course for citizens of states whose elected representatives here in the US have been bought by this dictator-in-training (by Castro) to vote the scumbags out of congress.

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