Christ, End the Cheney BS

My initial reaction to the initial news a week ago that Cheney had accidentally shot a mate while hunting quail was, ‘Oh no, the news will now be filled with meaningless BS about this and nothing important will get through’. Well, a week later, the news has been filled with meaningless BS about it and precious little important news has gotten through.

As a person who formerly did a lot of bird hunting, I can tell you that this is not an uncommon occurrence and the only error the VP’s party committed was in not knowing the precise location of each member of the party. But this is something that really should be on page 9 of the paper for a day and nothing more. I was embarrassed for David Gregory of NBC news when he stammered out some ridiculous question a week ago about whether Cheney had followed normal safety procedures on the hunting trip. Gawd.

Remarkably it was former President Clinton today who best summed up this story by saying ‘there is really nothing more to say’. So what is the approach of the miserably inept and useless American press? Apparently, they plan to make this the main bit of news going forward.

Meanwhile a match is being tendered to the tinderbox that is the geopolitical situation today with Iran hotting up, Nigeria fracturing, renewed leftist vigor in South America and of course the ongoing costly war in Iraq. But while Rome is about to burn, the editors that define the American press are going to go all out to cover an insignificant and meaningless hunting accident with no further import. If it weren’t so terribly sad, it might be funny.

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