End of the Beginning of the End for Republicans

Wow, that was quick.

By way of providing some contextual background, I have never voted for a democrat for any office and do not ever anticipate doing so. But I have found myself thinking over the last 10-12 months while watching the smug and self-assured Sean Hannity prosecute ad hominem attacks (reasoning using a type of informal fallacy) in bad faith to prove his point on Fox that the beginning of the end had already occurred for Republican control of government.

Now, scarcely a month after Bush appointed Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court, South Dakota has passed a strict anti-abortion law that will soon serve as a challenge to Roe v. Wade.

The strategy is interesting. Go for it all. Have the Supreme court invalidate parts of it. Then rewrite it in conformance with the rulings until they have the strictest possible anti-abortion law the Court will live with that can then serve as a template for other states where religionists influence the state legislatures and executive.

While this may seem like a brilliant move to the religionist faction of the Republican Party, and their long sought nirvana, I believe it is one more strong signal of the start of a long slide from power for Republicans. The abortion issue will be for democrats what the Gay Marriage issue was for Karl Rove in the 2006 election; an idea that sharpens the focus of ‘liberals’ as the gay marriage issues did for their base in 2004. It also alienates the libertarian component of the group who votes Republican. Hopefully I can get what I need for my family before my taxes go up to 50%.

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