Missing Physicist?

On February 4th there was an exciting post on Slashdot putatively by a visiting professor at Stanford which posited multiple dimensions of time and no absolute time, which would raise a great many questions about widely accepted pillars of physics. Now however, the link to this visiting professors page at Stanford returns nothing but a Not Found error, and a whois search in their physics department returns no mention.

A quick Google search for Alexander Mayer reveals that the lectures originally posted at Stanford can be found here. Does this mean that this guy is some kind of crank? Or worse yet, an Intelligent Design or other ‘mole’ with an agenda that somehow got into the Stanford system and posted his ideas to get the name recognition Stanford provides? His site prominently displays an email address of amayer_at_alum.mit_dot_edu. So if he has physics credentials from MIT, would he need the credibility of Stanford for his ideas to be taken seriously? Weird, but the lectures are certainly interesting.

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