A Toast to Politics Being Interesting Again

Well. There will be plenty of idiocy to get excited about now that the Democrats have taken the House and probably the Senate. I had written early this year in some blog posts I lost to hackers some time ago that the Republicans were going to lose their grip on power. The good news is that Sean Hannity will now have to carry on without that shit-eating grin. Maybe he will do interviews without making ad hominem attacks against people with whom he disagrees. He is not a person of reason.

Was Karl Rove just tired? They tried the same old tired tricks that worked well in the 2004 elections. Put some ballot initiatives out there banning gay marriage to try to get out the vote. And hem and haw about “security” and “terrorism”. Yawn. I should add again that I have never voted for a Democrat for any office ever. But I, like so many people, including many hard core conservatives I know, am just plain exasperated with the off-balance and just plain wrong-headed lunacy that the president and congressional leadership represent that I am in some weird sense relieved that there has been a shift in power.

Of course I dread what will happen regarding taxation and certain other issues should this incompetence persist through 2008. But at least we can have deadlock on most issues (a good thing). The idiotic abortion legislation in South Dakota was defeated. Maybe conservatives can regain enough sense to get back on track. And it will be fun to snipe at the inevitable lunacy that Nancy Pelosi will heap upon an unwitting public. Cheers to that.

One Response to “A Toast to Politics Being Interesting Again”

  1. Tim O'Brien Says:

    …the Abrahmoff scandal hasn’t played out yet. Let’s wait and see if the Democrats really do control the Senate in a few more months.