Thought stub: Ethanol Madness

President Bush illustrated just how weak and, well, really bad he is as the nation’s leader in his 2007 SOTU address. I am not talking about the troop “surge” (maybe it should be called a surgelet, also too little too late), but about the crass political support he gave to ethanol. Ethanol? Really? I was interested to read this article about surging tortilla prices in Mexico and the social unrest it is causing there. You can go here to read one attempt at a balanced appraisal of the ethanol issue. In a nutshell, ethanol probably actually hastens the day when we run out of energy rather than delaying it. It uses more energy than it provides. It is a political boondoggle which benefits a very small group of people and corporations (and some normal corn farmers) at what is going to become an enormous cost to US taxpayers and hundreds of millions of other people throughout the world. Brazen in its stupidity. The remaining tatters of respect ordinary freedom loving conservatives have for Bush flutter away on a gentle breeze from the drying husk of a dying presidency.

4 Responses to “Thought stub: Ethanol Madness”

  1. Derrick Says:

    It’s not like this is new. Look at the money that’s been being thrown at hydrogen as the “next fuel”, and hydrogen isn’t even an energy source, you have to collect the energy otherwise and process it in ways which aren’t particularly efficient to make the hydrogen… only big companies even seem to stand a chance.

  2. Todd Coniff Says:

    While ethenol in itself is not an answer it can be part of a comprehensive approach to easing our depedence on fossil fuels.
    Ethonal does not exclusively come from corn. It can come from many sources, some of which are much less energy intense.
    Ther are several promising technologies on the horizon, including the use of fugi to break done cellulose into fermentable sugars.
    As for hydrogen, it has the potention to be a very effective “local” energy supply. Hydrogen can be easily produced using green
    energies such as wind and solar. However, at present it is not easily transported. Again that problem may have a brighter future
    by using urea as a storage medium.

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  4. Karan Says:

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