Twins Unfortunately Harken Back to Last Year

The twins have lost 4 of their last 5 games after a promising start to the 2007 season.  Why?  The same reason they lost to Oakland in the Division series last year.  Is no one paying attention there?  There is a reason people call their players the “piranhas”.  They chip away at you.  But they have recently been doing exactly the opposite and playing like herrings.  In each of the last 2 games, the team has averaged about 11 pitches from the opposing pitcher through 7 innings.  And that is with 6 hits.  Each player to come up has been averaging only about 2.5 pitches per plate appearance.  The result?  Losses.  When will someone wake up up there?  When they take more pitches, they win.  When they swing away, they lose.  So which should they be doing?  Despite the  great respect I have for the management of the Twins, I have to wonder whether key managers are on a mental vacation.  Or are they experimenting?  Nah.

One Response to “Twins Unfortunately Harken Back to Last Year”

  1. Todd Coniff Says:

    The seasons young give them time. I wouldn’t want to be a Yankee fan this year.