Musings on Baseball

Nice finish just now to the Cubs series with the Brewers.  Piniella will say to Dempster “You sure like to make things interesting, don’t you son!?” as they leave the field.  Now I have been wondering whether this unbelievably annoying song “Go, Cubs, Go!” that I hear at the end of games is something they play just on TV or whether it is actually played at the ballpark.  I had decided they couldn’t possibly play something that mensch for real, it must be only on the TV.  But tonight I saw people in the stands mouthing the words along with the sound.  Tell me it ain’t so.  It is almost as bad as the purple dinosaurs the Vikings had for awhile in the 90’s.

What is really weird is that if you asked me earlier in the season which of the two teams I identify with would be in the playoffs this year, I would have said the Twins, not the Cubs.  The Cubs were just plain awful.  But you have to hand it to Piniella and even Jim Hendry.  The team has jelled a good deal and play some reasonably good and exciting ball.   Go Cubs!

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