Abuse of Power By Florida University Police

You have probably seen video on Drudge of the guy arrested at the University of Florida here and here for asking questions the moderators did not like of John Kerry. These questions were the silly type asked by someone who doesnt have much of a clue. But this is America. People should be able to ask silly or even insulting questions without fear that someone acting with governmental authority will silence them and assault them physically. The officers clearly reacted with the use of disproportionate, unnecessary and inappropriate force by forcibly removing him and then using a taser on him. Particularly ridiculous is the proclamation by one of the officers that he was inciting a riot.

This is disturbing for a number of reasons. It is evidence that the presumption of authority we provide to officers has swung too far toward the officers. It is a stark example of why we need to mete out such authority very very carefully, not willy nilly as we have been doing these last few years. It is an example of the kind of perversion that happens with executive authority. The officers act inappropriately. Then in an attempt to cover up the fact that they acted in such an idiotic way, they trump up charges like inciting a riot and resisting arrest. I think that anyone’s reaction to what is an inappropriate arrest is to resist somewhat.

Whether the individual officers involved are dismissed is almost beside the point. Of course they should be dismissed so others have a clear example of what crossing the line is and that there are consequences for doing so. What is more important to take away from this is that everyone should be outraged by what happened and that as a culture, we fight the apathy that would allow this type of incident to pass without remark. It is the type of thing we lament when we see it happening in less free parts of the world. It is something that should never happen in America.

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