Follow Up on U. Florida Police Abuse

There is an interview in The Today Show’s web space of all places (not an especially serious news outlet) with the University of Florida student who was tasered by the campus police(?) there for asking silly questions of John Kerry at an event on campus. After reading the interview it is blindingly clear that the official investigation which cleared all of the officers of wrongdoing was a whitewash. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement found that officers acted “well within state guidelines”. Not just within state guidelines but “well” within state guidelines. If that is the case, perhaps the guidelines themselves need review, because the officers clearly acted with a level of force inappropriate for the situation. So the correct answer might have been that the officers shuld perhaps not be tried and incarcerated for their poor judgement, and maybe, just maybe not fired from the force, but merely reprimanded. But not in Florida, boy. That boy was a punk and deserved what he got, yessirree. Of course that is why we have a Bill of Rights that offers legal recourse; so drooling floridian slackjawed yokels with IQ’s in the range of 60 cannot get away with going around tasering everyone who says things they do not like. OK. Perhaps the caricature is a bit unfair, but erroneous rulings like that of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lend themselves to such color.

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