What I Would Say If I Were Hillary

I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. But as I watch her campaign falter, based on the notion that she represents stale experience in the face of the Obama Cult-Of-Personality juggernaut (and it is the cult of personality that makes presidents these days, just ask Hillary’s husband), it occurs to me she has a way out if she will take it. My comment would run something like this:

It seems that people are looking for magic. The estimable Mr. Obama seemingly represents that magic, whereas I am seen as the steady hand of long experience. Make no mistake, there is little magic in Washington. I have been there. I have seen it. I have felt the crushing weight of reality pressing all magical hopes out of me. For I too have long looked for a bit of magic there. But would you believe that an elvin sprite newly arrived out of the wild to that stuffy place would have better luck than I? I still look for magic in that strange place and I believe I have a better idea of how to find it than Mr. Obama. I am the only one of the candidates that has both long experience with the realities of making Washington work as well as a love of magic and new beginnings.

Or something along those lines. Bill Clinton touched on this idea apparently when he referred to Obama or his policies as fairyland. It is the right idea, they just need someone to wordsmith it and get the word out that Hillary can embrace both magic and reality, in distinction from her foe.

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