Nancy Pelosi is a Sock Puppet

After seeing the interview with Nancy Pelosi today, my stomach flipped. If she said INNOVATION AGENDA again one more time I was going to throw my TV out of the window. This is a person clearly out of her depth. In her defense, I doubt there are 2 people in all of Congress with sufficient gravitas and understanding of the issues affecting the economy to do anything useful rather than harmful. Not to be outdone by Helicopter Ben throwing newly minted Federal Reserve Notes (money to the uninitiated) from helicopters (monetary stimulus), politicians have to get their own fleet of Bells to take a ride (fiscal policy). WEEEEEEE!!!!! But the thought of the government dispensing cash to citizens so they will spend some in order to give a lift to the economy is sickening.

Moreover when asked about whether she might consider making Bush’s tax cuts permanent she went out of her way to say that they are not stimulative. ?!?!? In other words, she has no idea what she is talking about, which was plain from the interview. What she fails to understand is that though the tax cuts themselves might not provide any immediate stimulus as in spending the actual dollars saved, the certainty that comes from knowing what future tax policy will be WOULD have an immediate stimulative impact. Moreover the fact that people have certainty is itself valuable over and above the actual dollars that will be saved from the Washington maw.

As if to underscore how very little Democrats understand, some idiot in Congress when questioning Helicopter Ben today actually said with a straight face that the Trillion dollars saved in the form of lower taxes would be a cost to taxpayers. I am not making this up. I have come to the slow realization that there are not any adults in the government. Not a single good useful person. Where are the Dick Armeys and Phil Gramms?  Or if you like Democrats, the Pat Moynihans? The loathable Pat Buchanan may actually prove right. Not for the reasons that he thinks, but he may prove right in the end. God help us all.

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