NY Times Weak Attempt to Smear McCain

The formerly great New York Times has published another idiotic attack on a Republican candidate by seeking to equate John McCain’s relationship with some insane right wing preacher with Obama’s relationship with Reverend Wright in this article.  The charge is that because McCain sought and received the endorsement of the insane right-wing preacher named Hagee or something like that, then he and Obama are on equal footing in this regard.

The obvious differenc is that whereas Mr. Wright was Obama’s self-declared mentor, the insane right-wing preacher was sought out by McCain in a cynical attempt to draw votes away from the only slightly less overtly insane Mike Huckabee in the heat of the undecided Republican primary battle.  The real point of which is that Mr. McCain almost certainly does not share the views of the insane right-wing preacher, whereas it seems likely that deep down, Obama does or did share the disturbing views of his Mentor, the Reverend Wright.

The Times made a weak attempt to anticipate this obvious and effective rebuttal of their assertions.  But any thinking person sees that far from being the same thing, the fact that McCain does not share the views of Hagee while Obama does or did share the views of Wright is a very real, material and dispositive difference between the two cases.  In fact the similarity is so weak and the attempt to equate them so weak that the Times ought once again to be ashamed of its intellectual dishonesty.   It is unfortunately one more sign of the death throes of a flagging institution.

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