East vs. West: Icahn Eats Yahoo!

Why is a guy who made his fortune in lipstick seeking to do in Yahoo!?  I guess he must be offended at how easily Yahoo! slipped out of Microsoft’s grasp?  For my part I am glad Microsoft dropped its bid.  As a guy who used to read RFC’s for fun and to gain a working edge professionally, I hate to see a real internet company taken over by a wannabe internet company.  Yahoo! was there early.  I remember when they went public.  It gives me comfort to know there is a public company with a market cap of tens of billions of dollars named Yahoo!  Yahoo! is a member of the internet community.  They make lots of information and services available for free while making money as well.

Microsoft is a hard-nosed, money-grubbing company that had the good sense to create a structural monopoly and the audacity to keep it.  They are not an inside part of the internet community.  And they do not give anything away for free.

Yahoo! is very much West Coast, the promise of America’s frontier.  Microsoft and Mr. Icahn are very much East Coast, America’s past.  I hope Mr.  Icahn fails in his proxy fight to unseat Yahoo!’s board of directors.  I do not want to change my home page from My Yahoo! in the event Microsoft causes Yahoo! to cease to exist.  But if they do, I will change my home page address the next day.

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