Dodd Exemplary of Vacuity of Democrat Worldview

You cannot make this stuff up.  When asked about the windfall profits tax being discussed by the geniuses on Capitol Hill Senator Christopher Dodd basicall backed congressional review of the profits of every business in the United States of America.

Dodd:  “Anything over 8-10 dollars a barrel profit is very good, everyone knows that.  The level of profits ”  is obscene, unconscionable…

Kernan: “Senator, you aren’t talking about congress looking at every industry and deciding what is an acceptable level of profit are you?  That cannot happen in this country can it?”

Dodd:  “It can happen.”  kernan makes that face like ‘Oy he isn’t really saying that is he?’.  “It used to be that way.”

Oh my god.  Democrats are destroyers.  This is the same guy who is holding up several Fed Board of Governors appointments such that the fed board has only 3 or 4 out of 7 governors, at a time of incredible economic uncertainty the Democrats are imprudently politicizing the Fed.  This guy is also a friend of Chavez in Venezuela.

So here is a good target for the bus to fall out of the sky.  [Licking tip of pencil], yeap, lets put a big check mark next to Dodd as an Enemy of Common Sense.

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