Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi Says Let Them Eat Cake

W held a press conference today to set up a fight with democrats over energy that will play into the elections this November.  He did this by calling on Congress to eliminate barriers to producing new energy off our coasts and in Alaska, among other things.  The elitist democrat response was predictably to say that that wasn’t going to happen.

Despite the fact that high energy costs are in the process of bringing the country to its knees (and blue-collar workers most of all), the Demunists and Commocrats say “Well, if there is no oil, let them use alternatives.”  Unfortunately there aren’t any good alternatives today, just as there was no cake available to the French people in lieu of bread.

In fairness, there is a strong argument to let prices stay high long enough for pricing to elicit alternatives which almost surely will come.  But it was instructive to hear Obama’s response, which is the tired one of the left.   The argument is that because any new oil will not be available for some years it will not do any good today.  But that argument can be used for any solution to the problem because no solution is available today.  So that argument is tantamount to recommending that we merely sit on our hands.  It is nonsense.  Not only that, but the minute any new drilling found a significant pool of oil, prices would come down.  Prices will react long before the new oil is actually produced.  And in fact drilling in new unexplored regions will add more downward pressure to prices just because we can be seen to be doing something.

Others say we must trust in conservation.  I agree.  Conservation is part of the solution.  But so is drilling for new oil and natural gas.  The rest of the world considers us foolish for not making the most of our natural resources if one believes what one reads.  And well should they.  All avenues are part of the solution.  Congress is proving its complete inadequacy and incompetence by pursuing a course of obstructionism at the behest of their green masters.

“We can’t drill our way out of this” the lefties say.  Perhaps not, but we can try.

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