Democrats Attempt to Silence Limbaugh?

We knew that things would get silly once Democrats took over the House in 2006.  They tend on balance to be more intellectually dishonest than Republicans.  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee response to the spat between Obama and Rush Limbaugh illustrates the point.  On this page they state the following:

“Last week, Rush Limbaugh actually said that he ‘hopes’ President Obama fails to meet America’s challenges.”

That would be mean spirited if it were true.  The problem of course is that that is not what Rush Limbaugh said.  He did say “I Hope he fails”.  He did not say “to meet America’s challenges”.  This is a major difference.  He really said he hopes Obama fails IF success would mean setting America on the path of increased state participation in the economy, one form of which is socialism.

This is why it is so hard to have an honest discussion of issues.  Here is the DCCC, which according to their own web site “is the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House”, and they are willfully misrepresenting the speech of one of their opponents.

And they frame this page on their site as a petition.  A petition?  A petition for what?   What is the action for which they are petitioning?  This is somewhat dangerous because they are a subgroup of the House of Representatives.  They have the power to create Law.  They do not actually say what action the petition is intended to achieve.  But if the action is to silence a voice of criticism, it is a very dangerous thing, the more so as it is coming from an official organ of our government.

To be clear, I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh.  I do not listen to his radio show.  I find him to be a bit of a blowhard.  But it is curcially important that voices of criticism be heard.  This is what seprates us from states that silence the critics of government such as Viet Nam, China, Russia and Islamic states in the Middle East among others.  If Al Franken could have made a success of Air America, I would have applauded that too.  When you talk of freedom and how our soldiers have died for freedom, the most important of those freedoms by far is the freedom to criticise the government.   The DCCC should take this page down from their site immediately.

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