The UAW Protection Act

The ongoing bailout of Chrysler and General Motors cannot be looked at as anything other than a bailout of the UAW.  By some estimates, the American taxpayer will be shelling out $215,000 for every job saved.  The massive waste of time and money surrounding these shenanigans boggles the mind.  Does anyone doubt that these companies will need more and more taxpayer money to operate in the future?  GM will have to reach a market cap it has never achieved in the past to allow it to pay back the money it has received.

If I could do animation I would animate a race of geese around a track where the goose picks up coins and stuffs them in a sack.  It makes it around the first turn all the while stuffing its sack.  As it picks up steam and its sack starts getting full, bystanders – who are all politicians and union members – start pouncing on the back of the Goose demanding that they be given coins.  Eventually the Goose is so overwhelmed that it misses a turn and crashes into the wall just shy of when it was going to hand the baton off to ??? some other industry that requires labor.

In exchange for the massive and unfair taxpayer transfer of wealth to these politically favored workers (why are workers in other parts of the country not receiving similar help?  Why am I or my friends not receiving such help for that matter?), we should ask that union members who benefit forego their voting rights for at least one 4 year election cycle.  After all, this whole exercise is nothing but a huge buyout of their votes.  And they thought Blagovich was shameless.

It is enough to make one wretch and wretch and wretch.

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