America, Meet Your Fascist Overlords

Antichrist's Adjutant: Henry Waxman Dumb as a Rock
Antichrist’s Adjutant: Henry Waxman Dumb as a Rock, but just as dangerous when thrown at your head – 3rd in line for the Presidency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

These are two of the most powerful Demunists and Commocrats in Washington, Waxman, Chair of the House Energy Committe, and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Waxman is from Beverly Hills, 90210 country, California.  Pelosi is from San Francisco.  Obviously their state is governed so well, that we should use it as a pattern for the country.  Oh, wait, their state issues IOUs to pay people that banks will not even accept.  Their state is bankrupt as a result of Demunistic and Commocratic, stars in your eyes,, blinders-on, incapable of thinking of the consequences  mismanagement.

Here is the language of Obama’s chief political advisor, David Axelrod:  “Ultimately, this is not about a process.  It’s about results.”  In other words, in words reminiscent of Stalin-era communism, “The ends justify the means.”

Or take the language of Nancy Pelosi speaking about the need to reduce carbon output on her spring 2009 trip to China.  “Every aspect of our lives must be subject to inventory.”  How do you do that?  You send jackbooted ACORN “community organizers” around to gather the GPS coordinates for your home in the process of gathering census data, so they know where you live.

Or take the Cap and Trade bill sponsored by Henry Waxman.  Before you can sell your home, you will have to prove to government auditors that you have made it energy-efficient.  What will they do if you haven’t?  Maybe fine you?  Maybe take a lien on your home?  I do not know.

I have argued that when fascism comes to America, it will come from the Left, not the Right (see Liberal Fascism).  So it is.

2 Responses to “America, Meet Your Fascist Overlords”

  1. Dank Says:

    Hey bro, just to let y’all know. Communism is MUCH MUCH different than fascism… Get a brain. Communism is about community and distribution of wealth where as fascism is about safety and obsession with rules. Get your facts straight…

  2. t0mmy berg Says:

    What Communism and Fascism share is Authoritarianism. And what Pelosi and Waxman were about is safety and obsession with rules. I have my facts straight. Thanks.