Pelosi Calls The Kettle Black, and Un-American To Boot

It is rather rich to hear Pelosi and Hoyer call those who are shouting down their congressional representatives and others at Town Hall meetings Un-American.  Those with by far the worse reputation for shouting down those with whom they disagree tend to be liberals, especially campus liberals.  They do what they can to stop those with whom they disagree from appearing in the first place, and failing that, even at really fine institutions like Columbia University, they just shout them out.

The paranoid left believes the recent protests are orchestrated, when they clearly are mostly not orchestrated.  They profess to wonder why we cannot have a rational debate.  The president bemoans the fact that there is so much misleading information and gosh-darned erroneous rhetoric out there;  please just report it to us when you see it.

What you do not see in the press is any acknowledgment of WHY reasoned debate is pretty much impossible, on either side.  Talking to a member of Congress or the Administration is like talking to a brick wall.  They show up with canned and irrelevant politic-speak.  They are not really going to listen to you or take account of your views or even think, much less actually READ the history changing legislation on which they are casting votes.  They, almost without exception, speak from a talking point sheet composed by their leadership.  In other words, it is all bullshit.  And then Claire McCaskill (D-MO) asks, apparently in all seriousness, “Don’t you trust me?”  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha (tears rolling down cheek and falling heavily to the floor).  You have got to be kidding.

It is no wonder then that the only reasonable approach to changing the outcome is just to shout the loudest.  Just say No, No, No or some other slogan that can be chanted over, and over, and over….  Pelosi and her ilk have only themselves to blame.

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