Watch CNBC? Switch to Fox Business Channel Instead

As a full time market participant, I have been accustomed to keeping CNBC on next to me all day long.  I don’t any more.  Read this article which suggests that General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt has put pressure on the network to be less critical of President Obama,  I believe he has.  There is much more pro-Obama speech there now.  Anchors now defend the insane health care legislation.  That was what clinched it for me.  Mark Haines started snorting derisively about those who speak of ‘death panels’.  Mark, I bet you have not read the work of Ezekiel Emmanuel (Obama’s health care advisor and member of the Comparative Effectiveness Research board authorized and funded in the 2009 ‘Stimulus’ package) , have you.  Read it and then tell me that Death Panels is too strong a word for what Demunists are trying to do.

To be honest, I do still watch it until 9AM Central.  The Fox Business News host in the morning is just awful.  I miss Rick Santelli and Larry Kudlow and Art Cashin, but you cannot have everything I suppose.

Why would Jeff Immelt put the screws to his business media outlet?  Well, it could have something to do with all the green energy work that GE is going to get from the government.  That will mean GE sells a lot of wind turbines.  In exchange for becoming an Obama supporter, Immelt got a seat on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board and the promise of fat government contracts for the “Smart Grid’ and green energy projects.  And GE needs it to stay afloat.  I puke when the GE commercials touting the smart grid come on, you know, the ones with the scarecrow suggesting the Wizard of Oz?  And what about the commercials where the ‘GE Employees’ sing awful 80’s movie soundtrack tunes.  My God those are painful.  Those commercials are ‘paid for’ by US tax dollars.  GE Capital was a major recipient of federal bailout funds under the ‘Stimulus Plan’ and TARP (actually the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program).  While that probably made some sense, because the commercial paper markets were dead, it still reeks because in advertising for all this feel-good green energy work they are doing they are recycling dollars they will earn from supporting the outrageous cap-and-trade legislation which will bring our country to its knees and result in massive government intervention into the everyday lives of Americans.

Switch to Fox Business Channel and do not buy GE appliances or anything else made by GE or its subsidiaries.

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