Unintended Consequences and Health Care

One of the reasons Demunists trot out to justify their insane proclivity to destroy our health care system is that in the current system too many people go bankrupt and lose their homes due to health expenses they cannot handle.  And to some extent this may be true, and perhaps we should do something about it.  Unfortunately, the solution they have proposed, while it might save some of the people who would otherwise have been impacted thus, will in fact create others who would not have been bankrupted by health expenses, but now will be by the mighty hand of government.

One of the main tenets of Commocratic health care is the mandate that ALL Americans purchase health insurance or face fines.  Whether you have purchased a qualifying plan or not and thus whether you must pay a fine or not will be tracked by the IRS.  Putting aside for a minute the outrageous invasion of privacy that will result from the IRS having godlike powers to inspect our personal lives,  this will mean for many people that they will be subject to tax penalties when they cannot afford the mandated insurance.  And of course, once they cannot pay these taxes, they will have usurious additional penalties piled on top of those.  The IRS makes credit card companies look like pussycats when it comes to tacking on fees and penalties for non-compliance.  And in the end, the IRS will put a lien on your house and you may lose your home.   Not a nice result.

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