Why Republicans Should Fear Thursdays Health Care Summit

In watching the Sunday talking head shows today, I saw some footage of Mitt Romney saying something foolish at the recent CPAC dinner.  He said that the Stimulus Package passed by Democrats in 2009 “added not one net new job to the American economy”.  Hmm.  I know what he was trying to say.  But what he said was something else.  What he was trying to say and should have said was something like “The Stimulus Bill may have produced some jobs, and we are happy for those families who are now employed.  But the cost per job for each of those jobs, which will be paid for by American Taxpayers, was much more than what the employed people will benefit.  And in the end, the economy as a whole will be less well off than if those jobs had been provided by the private economy because they did not have to pay the taxes it cost to create those government provided jobs.  The economy would be better off, on the whole, if the money was left in the private economy rather than washed through the inefficient hands of government.”  Of course with some more wordsmithing I am sure this could be made more pithy.

Instead he said that no jobs were created.  Now the average American will look at a statement like that and say to themselves, “um, obviously it did create some jobs.  This must be one of those nay-saying Republicans (like the media says) saying something demonstrably untrue that anyone can see at a glance is probably false.  So I guess we cannot trust those guys either.”  And of course the Left will run with such a statement to prove that Republicans are lying idiots.

Which brings us to Thursday’s trap setup.  Obviously Obama is trying to lay a trap to make Republicans look bad on Health Care.  If Republicans go into it with thoughtless language like Romney used at CPAC then they are going to get their hats handed to them and blunt the force they have going into the mid-terms in 8 months.  Hopefully whoever winds up going will take a page from the recent editorial by Newt Gingrich, which laid out a number of ideas for handling health care reform, and be well-prepared enough on why the Left’s ideas are dangerous not to sink the party’s fortunes this fall.

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