El Presidente Believes His Own Bullsh*t

After consigning the American experiment to the ash heap of history by arrogantly and brazenly cramming government control of health care down all of our throats against our will, Mr Obama is really feeling his oats.  Reuters reports of El Presidente:

President Barack Obama dared Republicans on Thursday to try to repeal his newly signed healthcare law… I don’t believe the American people are going to put the insurance industry back in the driver’s seat. We’ve been there already. We’re not going back.

Riiiggghhht.  Because all of those 85% of people who are satisfied with their current health insurance arrangement would rather have the government in the driver’s seat than their insurance company.  A sick and twisted mind it is.   He actually thinks that it is preferable to have your health care dictated by the government, against whom there is no appeal and who wields the sovereign right of extortion (it is called taxation, and is in the end backed up by force), than a private company that you can fire or sue.  Simply amazing.  My mouth just gapes open when I hear this kind of stuff.

In a related bit of news reported here,  a Harris Poll, aptly critiqued for its methodological shoddiness by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal here, apparently finds 25% of Republicans think Obama is the AntiChrist.  I am not a Republican, though I have never voted for a Demunist in any election for any office, and I never will.  I also do not believe there is an AntiChrist.  But if there were an AntiChrist, I think Mr. Obama might just fit the bill.  Certainly he will be remembered that way once the whole house of cards comes crashing down because he threw the wet towel of state on top of it.

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