Jobs! Jobs?

I always sort of a grimly chuckle when I hear a politician on the tube say something like “Our focus is now entirely on creating jobs.” Politicians may be just about the stupidest creatures on our shared Earth, but they do know one thing. When people feel economically insecure, they tend to vote against those currently holding the levers of power, whether they are responsible or not for the state of affairs leading to the insecurity. So when they say they are focused on jobs, they are really saying they are focused on getting reelected.

In a market economy, it is not the responsibility of the government to provide jobs (a statement with which nearly everyone agrees, freaks from places like notwithstanding). It is the responsibility of the government to provide an environment in which the people of the country can go about their business, which will collaterally result in creating jobs. So the government takes care of the national defense and provides an impartial system for the adjudication of disputes, which in our country is predicated on applying the same set of rules to similarly situated people similarly (unless you are a demunist, in which case the rules get applied depending on whether you are in one of their identified support groups or not, the nub of identity politics). This is something that statists, redistributionists and collectivists like Barack Obama and his Demunistic brethren fail to understand. The more they do to create jobs, the less likely it is that we will have sustainable job growth. They are destroyers. They destroy. If they really wanted to see jobs created, the best thing they can do is get the government the hell out of the way.

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