Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Should Resign Over BP Comments

Ken Salazar Image
Yesterday it was reported that Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior of the United States actually said that he would ask BP to repay the salaries of any workers laid off because of the six month moratorium on deepwater exploratory drilling imposed by the government.  So let me get this straight.  BP cuts some corners and suffers a blowout of the well they were drilling in deep water which under tremendous pressure is now spewing much oil into the Gulf of Mexico and fouling the coast, affecting the livelihoods of many people.  This much we know and I think everyone would agree that BP should pay for the effect they are having on peoples livelihoods as they are impacted by the presence of the oil.  And as a result the United States government imposes a halt on further drilling in order to create new regulations or something so other blowouts do not happen.  As if the operators of other rigs are not already reviewing their operations to avoid the fate of BP, which is going to fork over tens if not hundreds of billons in revenue to pay for their spill.  The moratorium is going to result in the layoffs of thousands of people working on these rigs.

Now comes the Secretary of he Interior, a cabinet official of the United States, appointed by the President. He apparently suggests in all seriousness that BP pay the salaries of those laid off because the US Government overreacts and stops all drilling?  This is so far outside what would be reasonable, so absolutely outrageous in its audacity and idiocy, that Ken Salazar should resign immediately or be fired by the President. You just cannot make this stuff up.  One more example of the horrifying lack of seriousness and gravitas of those who represent the interests of the polity in Washington.  To the right is a picture of this buffoon.

Of course what I have heard no one mention is that one of the great tragedies of this blown well is that we are losing all this oil! Jim Cramer was just on saying that his “oil people” are telling him this crude deposit is one of the greatest finds of all time. That is why the pressure is unmanageable. And it is all flowing out into the Gulf at this point. What a waste.

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