Bin Laden and Trust in Government, Hmmm and Libya?

Apparently they have buried Bin Laden at sea in accordance with the muslim religious requirement that the body be buried within 24 hours. How convenient. So how do we know he is dead? Trust us. The problem is that most people have very little faith in government at all. And that faith is dropping. I have spoken to some people who voted for him and even they think it might be a hoax. One of his NBC mouthpieces just stated on CNBC that it fits Obama’s purposes nicely that he can claim to be the Bin Laden slayer and competent leader to kick off his re-election campaign. By honoring Bin Laden’s religious creed he gains in the eyes of muslims and burnishes his image in the MENA region. Nearly every utterance of Obama’s is an outright falsehood or a mischaracterization of the facts so who knows what the truth is absent proof.

Does this add to Obama’s leadership credibility? Well, let us examine his bungling of the Libya situation for comparison. Obama waited a long 10-14 days after the rebels had gained the upper hand before entering the fray, despite the support of many allies to provide air support for the antii-Ghaddafi forces. In those 10-14 days, Ghaddafi retook most of the ground he had lost and killed many of the rebels. Now it appears the situation is a quagmire. One wonders whether things might have turned out differently if Obama had acted decisively when the rebels had Ghaddafi back on his heels, rather than waiting until he had restored his position. The situation might already therefore be resolved instead of being yet another time and resource suck on our already burdened military. Bungling incompetence is the phrase that fits Obama, not decisive leadership.

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