Our On or Off Society

I was just watching CNBC and they did a piece on a new Israeli company called SodaStream whose stock they are likening to Green Mountain Coffee or Netflix. Fad or lasting convenience was the basic question. I have struggled with what to drink for years. If it didn’t have 170 calories per can I would drink Mountain Dew all day long. Now I am drinking pots of Green Tea I sweeten with Stevia, a little Blue Agave and some raw sugar. Shifting gears a second I saw this on ZeroHedge today:

And just like that, without rhyme or reason the entire commodity complex explodes, after the market tired of today’s 3 hours of contractionary speculation and rotates the dial from Max deflation to Max inflation, bypassing anything in the middle. Expect the ramp to continue until the robots, which have now made commodities their latest stomping ground, tire of lifting every offer and go into full sell off mode

I experienced this first hand when I sold some corn contracts near limit up today thinking I would buy them back later 8 or 10 cents lower (I am already long, just trying to improve the basis on my position).  Nope.  Because the commodity markets are over-run by what I call “stock guys” there literally wasn’t any pullback of note.  Risk is either ON or OFF.

Returning back then to the soda machine.  I have always wondered why the big soda companies couldn’t have a medium calorie drink, a Mountain Dew Medium or something.   It too could be sweetened partially with sugar and partially with something like Stevia.  It could have 50 calories a can, similar to SodaStream.  The Soda market is either massive calories or no calories.  Risk ON or risk OFF.

I have tried to contact Pepsico to make such a suggestion, but good luck contacting any of the snack companies, it is well-nigh impossible.  Maybe now that someone is threatening their market they will open their ears and eyes and wake up.

3 Responses to “Our On or Off Society”

  1. Bob Heeter Says:

    Hey Tom –

    Trader Joe’s has some 50-calorie Lemonade, partly sugar and partly something like Stevia (“natural” low-calorie sweetener). Very good. And there’s no trademark or patent on Lemonade, so we make our own low-cal lemonade at home now as well.

    On a related note – after giving the kids apple juice as their “sweet drink” for years, thinking it was “fruit juice” and therefore had some nutritional value (thus better than soda), I actually went and read the nutrient content… and it turns out that other than being a 100% natural sugar rush, apple juice has zero nutritional value. Fortunately, orange juice is actually healthy…

  2. t0mmyBerg Says:

    Interesting, though I am looking for something carbonated I can buy for 20 cents a can. I tire of the time required to make all these things.

  3. Nishant Mehta Says:

    Hi Dave, hope you remember me. I contacted you during my search for internship (which I got in BNP Paribas Asset Management in Paris) and full time job in the year 2006. You helped me a lot.

    It is so good to see your blog. I enjoyed your writing, its refreshing. Tried to get in touch with you through LinkedIn.com, but don’t have your personal email. I only have your CIBC email. Keep writing this blog.