Rick Perry? Really?

Today, Gallup has released a poll showing Rick Perry in the lead with Republicans and right-leaners.  Now it is early yet so many people may not understand that Rick Perry is a populist, a guy who ran Al Gore’s Texas campaign in 1988.   This is a guy who, the week before he announced his candidacy, was leading a religious rally in Texas in prayer.  This is a guy who professes that evolution is just one among many theories, who believes apparently in creation and will likely roll back stem cell research on religious grounds among other likely lunacies.  I am sorry.  I am in the camp that thinks that Maobama is on a very short list of the worst Presidents our country has ever had, and I have never voted for a Demunist or Commocrat in any election, ever.  But if the GOP nominates another religious freak who carries their christ cult fantasies onto the public stage I will likely just stay home on election day.  I will have more to say on the highjacking of our nations conservative party by religious extremists in a later post.

One Response to “Rick Perry? Really?”

  1. David Bergerson Says:

    Life requires choice. Which is worse between a redistributionist [collectivist] like Obama or a probably religious man like Perry. If Perry’s religion is an electoral pose or if one concludes that little harm will result [note that non-fetal stem cells appear to be able to do whatever fetal cells can do], then the right question is whether this person is electable, not do I like him. Bush II seemedroughly equally commited to religion, but the harm he caused did not emanate from his religious impulses.