President 0

So I decided I had to watch “the Speech” tonight, the last great opportunity for Maobama to do something constructive, an opportunity to do something big and impactful like reforming the absurd tax code that costs tens of billions in compliance costs and causes corporations to pursue business abroad rather than at home, or to do something comprehensive about regulatory overreach.  Or something.  So I took some dramamine (I don’t usually watch Obama speak because it nauseates me to the point of vomiting) and listened to the First Blatherer while I made my dinner and the president came out and said ….. nothing.  Just nothing.

Oh he touched a few random things he has tried before, he trotted out the tired old line about Warren Buffett and his secretary (note: I actually would support raising the cap gains rates toward ordinary rates, there really is no principled reason to favor capital income over labor income that I can think of), he exhorted the right by casting them up as a red herring to be knocked down by his luminant reason, and failed.  And that is the sum of things for Obama, FAIL.  He had the limelight in which he could have chosen too propose some kind of structural change for the better, but instead he proposed more of the same short-term, ad hoc temporary nonsense that costs real money to buy temporary change.

And what were all those lines about how “you should pass this bill right away” which he must have said 20 times.  How bizarre.  How un-presidential.   As I was listening from my kitchen I thought I was listening to an impersonation of Obama on SNL or something.  I almost feel bad for Obama as he has become a total joke as a leader.  So now we have to wait out the 14 months he mentioned until he can be removed peaceably from the high and venerable office that he somehow came to occupy.  November 2012 can not come fast enough.

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