President Zero Enlists The World To Silence Critics

As seen on Drudge.  The “President” has put up a new website at that presents “the facts” and enlists people to fight “smears” against the “President”.  And it is all done as slick as shiite and presented as if it were some third party group setting it up.  But in fact as the site says, it is:


So lets take a look at one of the “facts” presented on the site.


“President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights”

Riiiigggghhhhht.  Got it?  There is a helpful check mark so you know it is a fact!!!  The truth has been posted on September 1, 2011!!!  Thank god we now know the truth about this “fact”.  Well, hold on a minute.  Is it a fact?  It is funny but I am reading a book called Wittgenstein’s Poker about a meeting between Karl Popper, the famous mentor to George Soros and Ludwig Wittgenstein, the famous philosopher of language.  I wonder what they would make of this assertion or the existence of this outrageous website by the Ministry of Propaganda.

So is it a fact?  I always chuckle when I see the sanctimonious ad for a show on MSNBC where it says “You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts”.  As a lawyer, I can tell you that one of the most important aspects of making a case is characterizing the facts.  Here we have a prime example of fact characterization in action.  The phrase “common sense” sort of presupposes things doesn’t it?  Also, the assertion is that it is something that Maobama “believes”.  Hard to check the veracity of that, unless you can actually get into his head, a frightening thought.  Finally, “compatible with Second Amendment rights” is also a conclusion, not a fact, and one with which many people would disagree, even if they were presented on the site with the actual laws (restrictions) contemplated, which they are not.

Slippery stuff.  An assertion masquerading as a fact (just look at the checkmark!!!) which is actually a bald faced lie, like nearly everything else asserted by this maniac.  I once had a chat with the mother of one of my daughter’s schoolmates right after the election in 2008.  She was pleased as punch (as I live in Chicago, 98 of 100 of the parents of the children in our school voted for Maobama and thought it was ticklishly neat I am sure).  She asked what I thought, assuming I was also a Demunist like everyone else.  I replied that I thought the election of Maobama was one of the most dangerous things to happen in this country since the Civil War.  The existence of a site such as this paid for by El Presidente himself proves the point I think.  “You should pass this law right away”.  Is it November 2012 yet?

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