Speaking of Morons, Rahm Emanuel and Speed Cameras

It is probably not a secret that I am not a fan of Rahm Emanuel or his brother Ezekiel.  Between them they played a strong role in delivering the outrageous Obamacare nonsense a couple of years ago.  Now as a total asshole, Rahm may in fact be just the kind of Mayor Chicago needs to whip a few people in line.  But his recent money grab is enough to make me move out of the city if I can ever sell my house.  Speed cameras in the city of Chicago.  Yeah, great idea.  If you think it is even remotely about safety then you are the moron.  It is about fleecing people to pay for inept and corrupt and wasteful governance.

Rahm’s daughter was on my daughter’s Lacrosse team this fall.  I chatted with his wife on the sidelines.  She seemed nice.  Strange she would be married to such a person.  Overbearing government puts Hizzoner, and the idiots in Springfield who voted for this outrage  on the list.

2 Responses to “Speaking of Morons, Rahm Emanuel and Speed Cameras”

  1. Bob Heeter Says:

    The city of Albuquerque (New Mexico) had a lively debate last month prior to a municipal election including some bond measures. One of the main issues was the city’s implementation of traffic cameras. Apparently the system was implemented by cronies of the mayor, and their (private) revenue was derived from the traffic light revenue, so someone jiggered the system to shorten the yellow lights. This of course had the delightfully salubrius effect of increasing the number of red light violations, so the politcal cronies were able to meet and exceed their profit targets. Unfortunately it also had the effect of substantially reducing the safety on the city’s streets, and made a lot of voters unhappy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also increased the number of vehicle-accident injuries and fatalities. I suppose those were a boon to the lawyers and medical centers in town. All in all, it makes for a wonderful example of “How to Boost GDP Without Actually Improving Anyone’s Life”. And the vast majority of people of Albuquerque were justifiably very unhappy with their political “representation”.

    The Giant Vampire Squid isn’t just on Wall Street. It has come to a neighborhood near you. The good news is, you can fight it without having to Occupy Wall Street or throw a Tea Party. Just take back city hall and your local political party precincts, and the rest will follow. Because by and large most cities across the whole nation are facing and fixing the same problems!

  2. t0mmy berg Says:

    Bob, We have had the red light cameras for awhile here. I have become used to those. Easy to avoid and they have had the effect here of actually stopping people from clogging the intersections on red. Speed cameras are another matter entirely. Those tickets probably go on your driving record and I are going to be hard to avoid. As someone who speeds alot, it is going to have a serious effect on my ability to get around the city or it is going to cost me alot of money. So while I can live with the red light cameras, speed cameras are well over the pain threshold for me to continue living here. I note that Arizona also had the speed cameras for awhile and they were not well received. But in a failing state like Illinois, almost any bad idea can pass muster.

    Also, I have no doubt that the money will make its way into Rahm’s pockets and those of his friends and supporters, to boost his chances in a Presidential contest down the road. I would personally rather live in Argentina or the Congo that in an America run by Rahm Emanuel. I do not think he could really make it that far, but he has some serious balls.