Lack of Good Republican Candidates? I Blame Ralph Reed

So we are down to Romney and Gingrich.  Great.  Yawn.  Can anyone really see Newt Gingrich as President?  God help us.  Just the name alone should give us pause.  Is Bill Clinton a presidential name?  Yes.  George Bush?  Yep.  Barack Obama?  Not so much.  Newt Gingrich?  I don’t think so.  One might object that one cannot judge based on something as superficial as a name, and I would agree.  To a point.

I really grasped the plight of reasonable people in the runup to the 2008 election.  In one of the early Republican debates with <sarcasm>powerful</sarcasm> figures like Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee on the stage, the moderator asked for a show of hands of those who did not believe in evolution.  Of the 10 people on the stage, 9 hands went up if I recall correctly.  I knew the nation was screwed at that point.

So why is it that no one of any substance will take the plunge to lead the nation?  I think it is because they have to run the gauntlet of religious whack jobs.  People who live a daily shared fantasy about an evanescent force that allows them to believe all kinds of crazy notions without any reason behind them.  Religion.  The scourge of man.  Religion has given us plenty of beauty, don’t get me wrong.  Chorale music of sublime power.  Charity and love, yes.  But also war and pointless destruction on a mythic scale.  Christians have been largely pacified in recent centuries and now coexist with the notion of separation of church and state that is the signature historical achievement of the United States.  Muslims have taken up the banner of dogmatic intolerance.  Demographics favors them sadly.

But people who would relegate personal matters to the realm of personal choice, such as Mitch Daniels and a few others will not get involved.  Ralph Reed has long since organized the fantasy corps and set up a screen through which only crazy religious types may pass.  Romney stands out as an exception.  He is a billionaire and obviously made a deal with someone.  But he also professes some crazy religious ideas.  And he is really a North East liberal on the issues that matter: economic issues, the nature of the state and society.

And then there is Illinois.  In the 2010 election cycle, when Republicans swept nearly all of the offices nationwide, Illinois put up a candidate for Governor that was right out of the Ralph Reed playbook.  His top issue of course was abortion.  No abortions under any circumstances.  Not for rape.  Not for incest.  He spent election day in church praying.  He lost.  Everyone wanted to throw out the Democrats but still this moron lost because he was incredibly extreme and focused on the wrong issues in his extremism.  Abortion is ugly.  But the issue is settled.  It is not an issue for big stage politics as the top-heavy socialist state crumbles around us.  So we have Quinn.  And we immediately got a tax increase.  And the schools are still underfunded.  And there is rampant corruption and an intractable public pension problem that will drag the state down in the end.  Will Quinn and the idiots in Springfield do the right thing about it?  I am not holding my breath.  Could we have had a better candidate?  Not in a world organized by Ralph Reed and his minions and clones.  A face that needs a fist firmly planted in it.  Bile rises just looking at it.


Democrats are destroyers.  But Republicans will not be saving the day until they throw off the shackles of the religious.

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