Movie and Popcorn Prices. Oh and 3-D

I took my kids to see The Adventures of Tin-Tin (actually a pretty good movie) on Tuesday at 1:30PM.  The movie cost us $7.50 for one adult matinee and $5.50 each for two kids.  A couple bucks more than I was expecting for a mid-day weekday movie.  Then of course the kids wanted popcorn and Icees.  Who am I to be a stick in the mud.  Well the Large bag of self-serve popcorn was $7.75.  That’s right.  $7.75.  It was just this summer I was pretty sure the large popcorn was $5.50.  And it was served by a real person.  And I thought that was expensive.  Icees were something like $5.50 each.  So the snack cost actually edged out the cost of the movie.  A mid-day matinee for one adult and two kids for a total of $37.25.  And that was for 2-D.  I won’t see any 3-D movies anymore.  Right, pay an extra $3 for the glasses and then you are asked to actually return them at the end of the show.  That is audacity.  I asked why the extra charge was so much when you are asked to return the glasses.  The response was that it was for the 3-D experience.  Un-huh.  Roger Ebert weighed in today on why he thought the movie business was doing poorly this year.  His advice is to lower ticket and popcorn prices.  I might add, make some better movies, but all in all I could not agree more.

One Response to “Movie and Popcorn Prices. Oh and 3-D”

  1. Bob Heeter Says:

    I hear you on the prices of movies. California prices for a Real3D Matinee (TinTin): $16.50 adult, $12.50 kids. For 2D it’s $9 and $8. Before tax. $34-58 for a family of four before you get to the snacks… Egads!

    It used to be a family night out was “dinner and a movie”. Now it’s “dinner, or a movie?”