07.04.2012 – Dependence Day in The United States of Robertsland, The Country Formerly Known as America

We were in downtown Chicago for the fireworks display last night at Navy Pier.  The underwhelming show seems to recapitulate the state of our Union.  It was a fizzler of a display which seems to me a good metaphor for the fizzling away of the actual Independence the date historically represents.  The celebration now seems to me more a memorial to the United States of America which was murdered not even a week earlier by the bizarre constitutional inaction/wilding judicial activism of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, a man by the way that is still bizarrely lauded on the Courts and Constitution page of Mitt Romney’s website as a model Justice.

We had taken a hotel room at the new Magnificent Mile Hyatt, but after the less than dramatic fireworks we all just decided to go home instead.  As we were crossing Michigan Avenue at shortly after 10PM I remarked on what I thought was probably a flash mob crossing in front of us.  I do not know if that was it, but at 11:30 there was a mob attack on someone at 700 N Dearborn, where we had driven through an hour or so earlier.  One of the reasons we packed it up was fear of these wilding mobs.  Especially after the wilding mob of 5 constitution killing Justices made us strangers in our own land 6 days earlier.

Welcome to the United States of Robertsland!  Or is it the United States of Barack?  Or the United States of Nancy?  Whatever it is, it is not the United States of America.  Or how about this:  The Country Formerly Known as the United States of America (TCFKATUSA) or some riff on that (TCFKAA maybe, pronounced CheffKaa, nice Russian sound to it in our now lawless land of crony capitalism, our own version of the kleptocratic state) (think, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince).  Rather than cheer as a participant I felt I was watching as a mere observer.  Rather than a feeling of pride, all I had was a feeling of grief.

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