America Self-Immolates: Or How Ralph Reed and Some Nativists Delivered the Vote to Demunists

I have been meaning to write about the election in November but after the results were in I found that the rage I felt meant that it was extremely difficult to extract any meaningful communicable signal from the flood of four letter words filling my head. But now that there has been some distance and with the actual inauguration this weekend I figured it was time to get the weight off my chest. At the end of the day I have decided I just have to laugh at my former countryfolk in the country formerly known as America for their stupidity and caprice. One could be forgiven for voting Obama in 2008 because he was relatively unknown and one could hope and also because the opponent in John McCain was so stunningly bad. But voting for Obama in 2012 is akin to treason. Of course it is not treason. Every person has the right to vote for whomever they choose. But with a reasonable if not spectacular opponent in Romney, at least there would have been some hope for America. Now there is none. America has chosen self-destruction. So let us take a few moments to review the nature of America’s chosen person to fill the chief executive slot in what is left of the tatters of our government.

51% of voting America has just re-elected a guy who:

  • Repeatedly lied when he stated “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” – ABC NewsHeritage Foundation

    Most people will not be keeping their plan. I lost mine in the first few months as my carrier exited the business due to the passage of the law.

  • Steered half a BILLION dollars to Solyndra, a company controlled by Obama campaign bundler George Kaiser, which then went bankrupt, sending all HALF BILLION taxpayer dollars down a hole into the pockets of Obama supporters. How much of that taxpayer money made its way back into Obama campaign coffers? If America had a free press that did its job even a little bit we would know more about that. We do not have such a press though. All the major press are sycophants and Obama bootlicks.
  • Is so utterly unserious that his last 2 budgets received 0 votes in one house of congress. Note that is not 0 Republican votes but 0 votes by anybody, including Demunists.
  • Inexplicably bows to foreign heads of state as if the US were some kind of supplicant power
    Obama bowing to Chinese leader obama-bow obama-groveling-before-foreigners
  • Apologizes for America and then lies about doing so
  • Apologizes to Muslims for the weird film about Muhammad and then imprisons the film’s maker
  • Reveals the depths of his narcissism by referring to American fighting troops as fighting on HIS behalf rather than on behalf of the country
  • whose every utterance is an outright lie, fabrication misdirection or misleading statement
  • Who fails to investigate, let alone prosecute political allies (campaign cash bundlers) who have literally stolen over a billion dollars from clients in plain daylight
  • But abuses the power of his office by harassing the campaign contributors to his opponent and putting them on a list to be called out in shame. This is much worse than what Richard Nixon did in Watergate and should have resulted in impeachment. And yet you hear nary a peep about it in our absolutely useless American media.
  • Believes that the people who built America did not build America, someone else did. The community did I guess. I simply cannot believe this one single utterance did not result in his losing the election. Obama is not one of us. He is not American. Anyone who voted for this imbecile is not American.
  • Promised Medvedev in Russia he will have more latitude once he is reelected. As in more latitude to do something radical that Americans would dislike, like maybe take your guns away?

Did anyone see the Democratic Convention? I imagine the idolatry that occurred in Charlotte was like that for which Moses castigated the Israelites after leaving Egypt, only in this case the thing being idolized is the state. Seriously, it was like they were all on their knees chanting state worship mantras at the feet of their state deliverer Maobama the Magnificent. I can tell you he is a false God. Speaking of God, that brings up the REASON we are saddled with this vacuous maniacal prophet for another 4 years.

First, Obama got something like 7 million fewer votes than he did in 2008. But Romney failed to get as many votes as McCain, primarily because Southern Baptists stayed at home in silent protest against the cult follower Mitt the Mormon. Thanks Ralph Reed. This despite the Senate ticket having such luminary Republican candidates as Richard Mourdock in Indiana who went live with his belief that pregnancies resulting from rape were a gift from God and how about everyone’s favorite Todd Akin in Missouri who assured us that in cases of real rape, the body will terminate the pregnancy naturally so there is no need to allow abortion. Again, thanks Ralph Reed. Hispnaics went for Obama at a rate of 70%. Gee, could this have anything to do with the fact that any republican espousing a realistic view on immigration, which is an absolute necessity if we are to avoid Japan’s fate (see immediately prior post), were taken out back and shot. Thanks Nativists. So the cult fantasy of Christianity, which has been the bedrock of the voting coalition assembled by Republicans, failed to come through and we are left with the cult fantasy of statism as a result and to our everlasting damnation.

And it will be everlasting. What most Americans seemingly fail to realize is that we are on the cusp of a fiscal crisis. There was some slim hope had Romney been elected, that the smothering sclerosis of state regulation might be lifted just enough to allow faster growth which might actually raise tax receipts enough to forestall the inevitable outcome. But my jaw dropped on November 6th because I realized that with Obama, that outcome is now a certainty and the timeline has accelerated to fiscal implosion. The US now has nearly 16.5 TRILLION dollars of debt and is adding under Obama well more than 1 TRILLION per year. The ONLY reason that it hasn’t come to a head yet is that the Fed is buying nearly all the net new treasury debt issuance and preventing the Bond Vigilantes from scaring our leaders in the way they scared Bill Clinton. Real rates of return are being kept low which is preventing the normal pressures from coming to bear. This will ultimately come to be seen as a huge mistake. And that will likely happen prior to the end of the new presidential term. In Japan during the second world war, leaders made the call for ichioku gyokusai or “the self-destruction of the jewel-like hundred million”. Essentially it was a societal mass-suicide pact. By re-electing Obama, we have essentially made just such a pact.

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