Obama and High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Using the power of the state to threaten, harass and intimidate political opponents is certainly at or near the top of the list of those actions which would qualify as High Crimes and Misdemeanors, sufficient to stand as cause for the impeachment of the Chief Executive under our nearly forgotten US Constitution.  As the IRS scandal simmers on low in Congress, the Chosen One’s supporters want to claim there is as yet no direct link between the White House and the IRS.  No smoking gun tying them together.  Do we really need one?  One need merely ask cui bono?  Who benefits.  Well Obama and the DNC are the direct beneficiaries.  It is possible that the silencing of the Tea Party was enough to carry the day in 2012.  In which case this arrogant misbehavior actually changed the course of political history, which in my opinion will, in hindsight, prove to have been the final point at which the waning of the American polity could have been prevented.  A true turning point.  Time will tell.

Does anyone really think that the order to harass the Tea Party did NOT come from the White House (never mind the investigations by multiple government agencies of political supporters of Mr. Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney whom Mr. Obama had called out as political enemies needing harassment – let’s just stick to the IRS scandal itself)?  That there was not at some point a wink and a nod between Mr. Obama and Valerie Jarret about what needed to be done and how to do it?  One would have to be the most craven insipid toad to believe so.

When all this politically inspired official harassment of private persons and groups is taken together, it is clear that the totality of it all is MUCH more serious than what Richard Nixon was involved in.  And they were impeaching him on that when he resigned.  Of course Nixon faced a hostile Press Corps.   Obama has the Press Corps in his pocket.  Speaking of which, if the IRS scandal and other political harrassment is not enough, how about surveilling and wiretapping the press itself by the Justice Department?  Is that now enough to get the trial going in the Senate after the vote in the House?  No?  Really?

This will never happen of course, even after the GOP takes the Senate this fall over Obamacare.  They shot their wad on the Clinton impeachment and any move here would be cast as racist.  Which brings us back to the lack of the smoking gun.  Absent that Obama will fill out his term having doomed our nation to decades of penury and limiting the lifespan of millions.  Good work if you can get it.  The Press should be calling for Obama’s Head.  I call for him to resign immediately – just like Tricky Dick.


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