Obama and Kerry Paint US Into a Box

I thought everything would be OK with Kerry as Secretary of State because I thought there would not be any serious issues before he and Obozo left office. Oops. Vlad the Impaler put the kaibosh on that one. It is like a bad joke watching Kerry spew his clownish nonsense. But I am left wondering, why are we threatening Russia over Crimea? Crimea has basically always been part of Russia. And Russia has their fleet there. Of course they are going to try to secure it in the face of the US led coup in Ukraine by what Russia considers virulently anti-Russian powers.

So what they should be saying is “OK, you have Crimea. No biggie, we rather expected that. Eastern Ukraine however is off limits. If you threaten Eastern Ukraine, THEN we will threaten you with sanctions.”  By threatening sanctions over Crimea, which is a done deal, they are actually increasing the odds that Putin will enter Eastern Ukraine I think.  Because after they sanction for Crimea, what more does he have to lose?  The point is, if you say “If you do not leave Crimea there will be consequences”.  Then there better well be damned consequences.  Better to simply give the Crimea and kick Russia out of the G7, where they clearly do not belong and be done with it.  If you want to draw a line, draw it in the Ukraine proper.

Unless of course our incompetent leaders are actually playing a deeper game in which they are trying to get regime change in Russia.  In which case they want Putin to have already crossed their line and they can then apply sanctions hoping that the pressure on the Russian elite reaches a point where they overthrow Putin.  That seems sort of far-fetched to me, but who knows what obscene little thoughts haunt the minds of people like our Dear Leader and his minion, the estimable John “I Marry Well” Kerry.

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