The Government of the U.S. Makes Itself the Enemy of the People of the U.S.

What does one do when one’s home government has become completely untethered from the principles that anchored it historically?  When it has become a menace to those it rules as well as everyone else outside its jurisdiction?  I sure do not have the answer.  But I am sure that it has become so untethered.  We have found out that those conspiracy minded types who wondered why the NSA needed a gigantic data center in Utah drawing enough electricity to power a medium sized city were right.  In fact the worst possible fears have been realized.  There is nothing, literally nothing, in the realm of digital data that the NSA and perhaps other agencies do not collect.  They collect everything.  Not just metadata, which would be bad enough, but literally everything.  They run computer programs over that data to identify patterns of interest.  They claim this is in the name of National Security, as if that excused the kind of thrashing of the Constitution taking place.  We owe Edward Snowden a debt of gratitude for bringing the truth to light on these matters, even if there is some damage to legitimate spying.  You can also be sure that some of this information is also being used for political purposes.

Speaking of political purposes, the President of the United States has also demonstrated his total disregard for the Constitution by compiling enemies lists and then unleashing multitudes of federal agencies, most perniciously the IRS to harass his political opponents.  Prominent examples include Mitt Romney’s donors, but less notable examples abound.  For instance everyone in the country should be made to sit down and watch the 7 minutes of video below:

In it she shares how she and her family were abused by multiple agencies of government once she instantiated True the Vote and King Street Patriots.   Or maybe this video grabs you where Michael Bury, the guy whose story was captured by Michael Lewis in the book The Big Short, gives a commencement speech at UCLA in which he mentions similar abuse once he wrote to some people asking why they did not see the Great Recession coming when he so clearly did.

The part that matters is from 13:30 to 17:00 in the video.  You can also see the video at ZeroHedge here.  So we have a President who sees no reason not to use the power of his office to threaten and harass his political enemies, in a manner orders of magnitude worse than the President we actually impeached in Nixon, and to back him up we now have the various clandestine agencies at his disposal using whatever means available to gather all available information not just on our foreign enemies but on ALL DOMESTIC citizens as well.  What could possibly go wrong?  The great dictators of the 20th Century could only DREAM of such a state of affairs.

Of course if the Feds spying on you without any limits whatsoever and the Executive using the powers of his office to harass private citizens who disagree with its views were not enough we come to the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) of 2012 and 2013.   In it, Congress gleefully wrote into law and the President gleefully signed into law something that directly contravenes the right of Habeus Corpus in the Constitution.  Apparently the morons on both right and left thought it would be a great idea to grant to the President the power to unilaterally determine in his or her exclusive judgment that someone anywhere in the world is an enemy combatant vis-a-vis the United States.  That person could be an American Citizen on American Soil.  And the best part is that once the President has made his or her determination, the subject person can be detained in military custody without access to courts or attorneys for the duration of the conflict, in other words indefinitely.  RUFKM.

Well, you say, that is aimed at towel headed bearded muslim extremists out to kill us.  And it may be, but the law does not mention that, it merely grants this power without qualification or limit.  You just have to trust them that it will not be misused.  Anyone who would trust the government to make such a determination deserves whatever foul fate awaits them in this life and the next.  So odious and illegal is this legislation is beggars belief that it could pass with but 13 senators objecting in 2012.  You should ask your representative how they voted and why.  You probably will not like the answer, unless you too are part of the problem.

Nor is it just the Feds who are out of control.  The states are in on it as well of course.  States attempt to illegally grab revenue from people with no existing connection to their state and harass and pursue them using all means.  They will bankrupt you if they can.  The police in many areas have become bizarrely and unnecessarily militarized to the point they regularly intrude upon citizens improperly.  They bang down doors and kill pets and damage and remove property seemingly at will.  Of course they are in many instances incentivized to do so by the ever growing body of laws authorizing asset seizure and forfeiture on any pretense.

Whistleblowers in government who attempt to shed light on abuses are attacked.  In many dealings the government makes a part of any settlement or in many cases part of the law that if they are attacking you, it is illegal to say so publicly.  And many people do not for fear of further reprisals.  The Justice Department under Eric Holder has jettisoned any restraint on their need to intimidate the Press as well.  He authorized the wiretapping of at least 2 different journalists to find out their sources of confidential information.  I can tell you that if Ed Meese had done this there would have been deafening calls from the Press for impeachment.  Of course silence or at most whimpering from a bootlicking and utterly useless Press in Obama’s back pocket.  Can’t question the Messiah you know.

Then there was the spectacle of congress giving a standing O to police who had killed an unarmed mother who lost it one day in DC and drove into the fence at the White House.  Her child was in the back seat of the car as police killed her.  And Congress applauds the killers.  Nice.

There can no longer be any doubt but that the Government at all levels in the United States is completely out of control and represents a clear and present danger to the People of the country.  I am not at all confident that things will get any better at any point in the near future.


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