The Word ‘Folks’ Should Be Officially Deprecated

<sarc>I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling when the mellifluous and trustworthy voice of Fred Thomson warbles on about how the reverse mortgage from AAG is the answer to seniors problems.  He reassures you that there is no risk.  I mean Reagan signed it into law so it must be OK he gently asserts. </sarc> But my hackles go up and I immediately start to think maybe it is really a way to rape these seniors of whatever portion of their life savings have not been stolen from them already by the government or the banks when after talking to his best bud Jesse he uses the word ‘folks’.  ‘Folks’ used to be considered an absolutely pristine word.  Something that could be counted on.  ‘Folks’ are good, uniformly and without reservation.

Except that our Dear Leader and his minions caught on to this and you can hear him refer to ‘folks’ in just about every public speaking engagement he has in an attempt to keep the sheep in his anti-christ-like thrall as he drones on and on suffocating everyone and everything with the premade lying snivvles fed to him by his teleprompter.  So as is the way of such things, ‘folks’ now has, at least for me, a very sinister connotation.  A word one uses when one wants to appear genuine but that means ipso facto that one is not.  So I think perhaps the word should be retired, though I suppose the focus groups used by advertisers as well as politicians will probably uncover the subtle change in meaning soon enough.

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