How to Really Stop Putin in His Tracks

Russia is amassing troops along its border with Ukraine.  The fear is that Putin, not satisfied with the Crimea, will also move to annex the more russified areas of Eastern Ukraine.  The West can take measures financially and through trade and other sanctions that will hurt Russia, and it should do so, but I doubt very much they would be a sufficient deterrent to a Russian leader with a long view of history.

The real way to stop Putin would be to immediately and publicly send many advisers and military trainers into Ukraine to buttress the Ukrainian forces on the front.  This will say to Putin that if he intends to take measures in Eastern Ukraine, he will have to shoot American troops in doing so.  Then you also inform him that should he do so, we will rain missiles from Navy ships down on his troops, with all measures short of Nuclear on the table, including that we will feel obligated to take out his command and control, wherever they are.  I am pretty sure Putin would back away from such a confrontation.  Our military vastly outclasses his.  With such a FORCEFUL deterrent, he is likely to blink and walk away.  It is precisely the projection of WEAKNESS that invites chaos and undesirable outcomes.  It has always been thus and it always will be as long as we elite apes are the dominant species on earth.

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