On Michael Lewis’ “The Market is Rigged” Interview

On 60 minutes Michael Lewis stated that the market is rigged.  And he is right.  But when asked by whom, he replied by the exchanges and HFT players.  Of course he is right the market IS rigged.  But I worry less abut HFT “rigging” the market than I do the Fed.  The market IS rigged.  By the Fed!  Duh!  Hilarious that they did not mention that.  Because the Fed rigging is MUCH worse in my opinion.  If only Michael Lewis, an author whose works I really like, would write something about how the Fed is literally raping the American public to shovel profits into the maw of large banks and how those bankers, who, given BILLIONS in free unearned profits pronounce themselves so clever that they pay themselves tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, money taken directly from taxpayers and savers.  It could nnot be more obvious, more obnoxious or more morally repugnant.

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