The IRS Scandal and Impeachment: Special Prosecutor Necessary

If you believe Rep. Elijah Cummings, the scandal is over.  Of course if you believe Rep. Cummings, you probably also believe the argument over climate change is also over.  Over before it even began.  The Left would like you to believe that it isn’t even a scandal.  But that is nonsense.  If the President of the United States used the IRS, one of its beefiest and most aggressive enforcement agencies, with the power to seriously mess up someone’s life, to intimidate or harass or suppress his political opponents, it would easily rise above the threshold of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” necessary to remove the President from office.

So the question is how does one prove presidential involvement?  Perhaps an email between IRS staff or executives and someone at the White House?  One would think that no one would be stupid enough to leave such a trail of evidence but then there is the curious fact that Lois Lerner and 6 other people, the 7 people who were of interest to Congressional investigators, all had their computers crash and their hard drives irretrievably wiped a mere 10 days after Congress first started inquiring about these matters.  Umm.  Yeahhhhh.  Let’s see, the odds of that are probably less than the odds of a proton spontaneously decaying, something so unlikely it would take longer than the life of the universe.  So maybe someone was stupid enough to leave something incriminating that might implicate the White House.

But common sense says that it is unlikely that there would be such an easy smoking gun.  If you were Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett (which is much the same thing) and you wanted to abuse the power of office for political advantage, you would do it in person.  You would either visit the minions where they work, or you would bring them or their handlers into the White House itself.   That way you could commit high crimes and misdemeanors face to face, without leaving an inconvenient paper trail like some kind of incompetent conspiracy newbie.  There have been reports that the IRS commissioner and probably other officials made many many visits to the White House.  The Left would like to downplay the information, but even if their characterization were substantiated, there were still ample opportunities for the necessary contact to set up the system to defeat the Tea Partiers who might have motivated enough people to deny Dear Leader his second term.

So there is a real reason that s special prosecutor is necessary.  Only such an investigation could request the transcripts of all conversations in the White House between likely involved parties.  Then we could see if the President’s secretary might accidentally wipe 15 minutes of a couple of tapes out, preventing the world from hearing the President or his top aides commanding High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Nixon had the Watergate Tapes.  What does Obama have?  Personally I believe it is obvious that Obama or Jarrett put the IRS up to it.

I also believe that impeachment as called for by what’s her name is premature.  You have to have the Special Prosecutor first and let that build the political case.  Then the impeachment proceeds by its own inertia and the GOP does not shoot itself in the foot by overreaching.

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