Lying and Cheating are the New Honor Craft Apparently

Word today that Jay Carney, Obama’s second press secretary, may be taking an unbelievably lucrative job in Silicon Valley, undoubtedly making 7 figures annually.  For those with short memories, Carney is the former Time rag journalist who got up in front of the podium at the White House every day and baldly lied to the press and the country on behalf of the Liar-in-Chief on matters sundry and all.

So this is a further disgusting confirmation that lying and cheating are the new normal in America and the surest way to get ahead in life and furthermore that the odds of being called out on it are low and in fact you are more likely to gain wealth and applause than reprobation.  The example for all to see is that if you are not lying and cheating your way through life, you are the chump.  This is the message sent daily by all organs of the state, from the executive to the legislature to the courts to the Fed who continues to promote and support the purveyors of moral hazard while punishing those who do what is right (things like delaying gratification, saving, not taking handouts from the government, not looking to the state for contracts in business, etc, etc).  The other place where lying and cheating have been amply rewarded?  Banking.  The level of outrage?  Non-existent.  Appalling.

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