A Quick Argument In Favor of Term Limits

When future historians describe in their research the reasons that the United States of America went the way of the Roman Empire, foremost among them will be one of the only real as opposed to imagined deficiencies in the drafting of the Constitution by the Framers – the absence of term limits right in the framework.  As a poignant example of why that was a huge mistake, I point to a statement just made by Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – a really serious POS.  He just said at the start of his question time with the Chairwoman that he has been at these hearings since 1981.  1981 was 33 years ago.  No person should be in Congress for 15 years much less 33.  It is an outrage and a disaster that members of Congress treat their seats as personal sinecures.  It is the reason that an impertinent Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich once said “that’s a fuckin’ valuable thing”.    And therein lies one of the problems which in combination with others will eventually weigh us down.

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