The IBM Cloud and Josh Brown

I was in the process of getting my ass handed to me this spring short alot of agricultural commodities when Josh Brown was put on the air to wax lyrical about how Ag was where everybody had to be in a ZIRP world in order to seek yield.  I do not remember exactly what he said except that in talking about the hog market it was apparent that he was just a poster boy for something written by the editors and that neither he nor they understood what they were talking about.  I actually like Josh Brown, it was too bad they put him up to that segment.

So it is when I watch these IBM Cloud commercials.  IBM’s business is deteriorating.  Stan Druckenmiller came on a year ago and suggested a Long Google, Short IBM trade, which I did for awhile and which I keep in my chart deck still, having to do some acrobatics to account for that Google share dividend.  They are being told they must chase the latest technology fad, the “cloud”, which is just a fancy way of saying that you keep data on someone else’s servers and maybe some processing power and even logic as well.  But the ads are so pathetic and so contrived, it is clear that neither IBM executives nor the ad agency people they have employed have any idea about it in reality.  Oh no, I cannot run my chocolate business unless there is some interactivity (check the box on a 25 year old buzz word, check!) and it is in the cloud (check the box on the latest buzz word, check!)  They are an aged East Coast company from yesteryear trying to play in a West Coast game from today.  There are probably IBM engineers running around saying “how does this differ from client-server”?  Sad really.

One thing I am pretty certain about.  Over time Druckenmiller will probably be right.  Of course that is why he is Stan Druckenmiller.  Someone should tell IBM that running lame ads telling everyone that they are a cloud company is not the same as being a leading cloud company.

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