The Thieving State of Illinois

Things must be getting pretty desperate in the state we left because things were going to get desperate.  Unfortunately my employer did not switch paying withholding to Minnesota when we moved in 2013 and continued to pay Illinois.  As a result of that plus the fact that we could deduct moving expenses, we actually had a tax refund due from Illinois for 2013, something which I always try to avoid.  Would that we had avoided it for 2013 as well.  We had a refund due of about $2415.  When we got the check the State of Illinois had reduced the refund by $315.  What for?  They reduced it by the amount of a fee which my wife had apparently neglected to pay to Northeastern Illinois University, where she went briefly sometime in the…oh…late 1980s or early 1990s, before we had even met.  That’s right, a university fee from more than 20 years ago was deducted from my tax refund.  I now pray that the State of Illinois gets what’s coming to it and that is a fiscal implosion of epic magnitude.  My guess is it is not far off.   My condolences to my friends and anyone else still living there.

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