The Thing About Murdering Cops

I have watched the video of the police in NYC murdering the large black guy selling cigarettes several times now.  They unnecessarily put him in a smothering choke hold after taking him down to the ground when he had his hands up and planting their boots in his chest and crushing his head into the concrete pavement.  How is it that none of those who killed that man are going to even be prosecuted?  This case is not like Ferguson, where the murdered black kid was a common criminal and the cop was arguably acting in self-defense.  It is not like the Trayvon Martin case.  It is more like the case of the merchant in Tunisia  who set himself on fire, setting off the Arab Spring, to protest abuse of the police and authorities which caused him to lose his means of making a living.  Eric Garner is our Mohamed Bouazizi.  The guy in Staten Island selling loosies is trying to make a living.  Because the state does not like the tax consequences they make it illegal.  Then they send out hooligans with badges and guns to shake him down.  The central issue in this case transcends race.  Race isn’t an issue as it was in the other cases.

This case is a potent living symbol of an out-of-control government that has become the enemy of the people.    He did not put up a fight.  He was not threatening them.  Yet they murdered him in cold blood in the light of day on camera!!!  And still the justice system failed to even start the process of obtaining justice.  He told them over and over he could not breathe.  They completely ignored him.  He was not a person to them.  He was an object on which they were exercising their power.  And that power is the unbridled power of an out-of-control state apparatus.

The failure to bring an indictment in this case is an indictment of our justice system.  Those who lose faith in the system are right to do so.  Those cops are murderers.  And they should get what comes to murderers.  Ideally, in a healthy functioning polity, that justice comes through the justice system.  That the justice system is no longer dispensing justice means that resolution of such cases is now going to happen through extra-legal means more and more leading to vigilantism, anarchy and the perpetration of more and more injustices.  It means our polity is not healthy.  It is a broad failure of governance, as the impartial dispensation of justice based on widely known and well-considered law is one of the few valid purposes of government.  When you hire banana republic type politicians to run your country, your country becomes a banana republic.  We are becoming more like a banana republic every day.

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