A 3rd Bush for President in 25 Years? No Thanks

I have often said that I have never voted for a Democrat for any office and I never will.  Democrats are destroyers.  They are also now almost universally intellectually dishonest lying scum.  That said, I also thought George Bush Jr, though a likeable guy, was one of the worst presidents the country has ever suffered (until Obama made the scale of his putridity vanishingly small by comparison).  But one of the most important principles of governance in the United States of America, or what used to be the United States of America when it still had the authority due it by having a Constitution that was adhered – anyway one of the important principles is that governance is to be taken up by the people and that there should be no imperial dynastic element to it.  Accordingly, even if Jeb Bush were to look like the best thing since sliced bread, and I doubt he would, I would not vote for him and I would urge others to refrain as well.  Two Bushes in a generation is quite enough thank you – in fact it was already too much.  If the powers of the Republican Party wanted to run Jeb then the Bush family ought to have taken care of that before W ran.  The same thing goes for Clintons.  And Obamas and for every other family.

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