Valerie Jarrett

I just watched an interview with the “President”‘s number one advisor, the shadow President of the country formerly known as The United States of America – before John Roberts finally threw out the document that our ruling elite progressively ignored more and more as an anachronism rather than the document setting out the powers and structure of our government.  Anyway, aside from that, what she said in the interview was most instructive.  Referring to the decisions and policies of the “president”, she did not then say “the Administration” or “the ‘President”s Administration” but rather she said “our Administration”.  Clearly she believes that she is essentially co-regent with Dear Leader.

Later on she then used words like “our policies” and “we” when referring to the goings on in the White House.  I hope she is enjoying her days in the Sun.  We now have multiple members of the Internationale running and ruining our country.  We should be so proud.

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